GMP-Certified Manufacturing

With the nutraceutical industry at an estimated all-time high of $86 billion, it is no wonder there has been a deluge of fly-by-night enterprises manufacturing miracle cure-all nutraceutical products. In any health and wellness store, a customer will see rows upon rows of substitute products, all claiming the same benefits—how is a consumer to differentiate one product from another? One method is too look only to GMP certified products.

Here at Canfo Natural Products, all of our products are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities. GMP refers to the Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations promulgated by the US Food and Drug Administrations under the authority of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. In conjunction with these regulations, Canfo Natural Products takes proactive steps to ensure that its products are safe, pure, and effective. Canfo Natural Products also takes a quality approach to manufacturing, enabling it to minimize or eliminate instances of contamination, mix-ups, and errors. Lastly, Canfo Natural Products adheres to GMP regulations of recordkeeping, personnel qualifications, sanitation, cleanliness, equipment verification, process validation, and complaint handling.

Why GMP?

A consumer usually cannot detect (through smell, touch, or sight) that a dietary supplement is safe or if it will work. While GMPs require testing, testing alone is not adequate to ensure quality. In most instances, testing is done on a small sample of a batch (for example, a supplement manufacturer may test 100 tablets from a batch that contains 2 million tablets), so that most of the batch can be used for patients rather than destroyed by testing. Therefore, it is important that supplements are manufactured under conditions and practices required by the GMP regulations to assure that quality is built into the design and manufacturing process at every step. Facilities that are in good condition, equipment that is properly maintained and calibrated, employees who are qualified and fully trained, and processes that are reliable and reproducible, are a few examples of how GMP requirements help to assure the safety and efficacy of supplements.

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