Our Ingredients

Here at Canfo® Natural Products, we embrace the culture of “Ingredients First”. We strongly believe that without a strong foundation built around the finest ingredients, our finished product can never live up to its full potential.

We begin the process by developing relationships with growers around the world in order to obtain herbs grown in specific conditions and under the right environment. Through much research, we have found herbs of maximum potency grown on lands free from pollution, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. It is no surprise then that all of the herbs used in Canfo® Natural Products’ supplements are organic and naturally grown—we do not believe in genetically modified organisms (GMO) and as a result, all our products are certified non-GMO.

Then, at the right moment, these herbs are picked and are ready to undergo our rigorous selection process. Canfo® Natural Products rejects over 80% of herbs at this stage. That’s right: we keep only 20% of the crop—ensuring that only the crème de la crème are prepped and ready for extraction.

The end result is a product we can proudly call our own, knowing its quality and consistency are guaranteed.

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