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Canfo Natural Products
Jun 20, 2012
"Recently, I was presented with the opportunity to review Canfo's NoWorries. I chose this product because I was having a particularly stressful term." (Read More)

Itchy eyes, runny nose, drippy sinus? It's the season
May 15, 2012
"That chorus of sneezing, sniffling, and coughing you're hearing could be Mother Nature's payback for the unseasonably warm weather she gave us a few months ago." (Read More)

Mother's Day Health, Beauty & Fitness Gifts
May 3, 2012
"Canfo's BeautifyMe listed in Splash Magazine's health, beauty & fitness gift guide roundup 2012." (Read More)

NotSoSoccerMomRadio BeautCamp Radio
Apr 16, 2012
"Jill had a packed show today. Get to know Dancing With the Stars, ICarly, Victorious makeup artist Melanie Mills and find out how to be gleaming like the stars." (Listen to Radio)

Canfo radio interview in the 25:16 of the radio.


Rejuvenate your skin and body with Canfo & Exuviance
Apr 10, 2012
"Have you ever tried a cleanse? Many people don't know this, but a cleanse is actually a great way to rejuvenate and remove toxins from your body. Canfo Natural Products has a great 2-Day Quick Cleanse called FlushMe that really works!" (Read More)

Video review from mal pearson - Watch It

Canfo Products Promote Natural Health
Apr 3, 2012
"All Canfo products enhance your state of well-being by carefully blending state-of-the-art science and an eco-friendly manufacturing process, with proven centuries-old formulas." (Read More)

Canfo Products Recommended by the Beautiful People of Whom You Know...Literally Beautiful Inside and Out! Read Below To See~!
Mar 14, 2012
"Living in Manhattan can take its toll on anyone, that's for sure! Late nights, early mornings, major social events, and other obligations add up to a lack of sleep and not-quite-healthy habits. Happily, Canfo Natural Products provides time-tested, proven herbal formulas to help the gal (or guy!) on the go to keep their bodies happy." (Read More)

Share Guide Mar/Apr 2012 - Nutrition News
Mar/Apr 2012
"Non-GMO is the Way to go." [Click Here to Download]

Drug Topics Feb 2012 - Newsletter
Feb 2012
"Kids and adults can strive for a happy and healthy year with good oral care." [Click Here to Download]

Canfo Natural Products are featured in the 2012 Grammy Gift Bags
Feb 08, 2012
"The Grammy's are this Sunday, February 12th and who isn't excited for a night of great music, glitz, glam and oh, those good bags!" (Read More)

Canfo's BeautifyMe Is Your Cupid's Arrow This Valentine's Day
Feb 08, 2012
"Romantic attraction crescendos every year as Valentine's Day approaches. It's a fact: a 2011 Rasmussen Report shows that 68 percent of people want to spend Valentine's Day with "someone special." (Read More)

BeautifyMe by CANFO
Feb 07, 2012
"I am excited to be staring the new year off with a healthier diet and brighter outlook on life." (Read More)

Get Healthy With Canfo Natural Products For A Better you
Feb 06, 2012
"Get the perfect glow, long sexy nails and shiny hair this Valentine's Day." (Read More)

Non-GMO Shopping Guide
Jan 19, 2012
"How to avoid foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs)." (Click Here To Download)

OTC Product News
Jan 17, 2012
"In this section we showcase products and product news that ran up against space limitations or fell outside the parameters of recently featured categories in the print edition." (Read More)

True Beauty Inside & Out...Products That Work From Within
Jan 11, 2012
"With the cacophony of blogs & beauty magazines at newstands touting the latest eye-smoothing serums and plastic surgeons talking about the latest advances in cellulite reduction on every available media outlet, it's easy to get lost in the maze of potions and procedures that are clearly focused on improving the outer you. But something's missing..." (Read More)

Canfo Natural Products
Jan 5, 2012
"If I had to guess, I would say 99% of women out there vow to become healthier, lose weight and get in better shape every single January. For me, I feel really strongly about 2012 being the year I will feel comfortable in a bathing suit. I'm not expecting to wear a bikini this summer, I just want to feel good about myself!" (Read More)

6 natural and organic personal care predictions for 2012
Dec 20, 2011
"Continued growth of the natural and organic personal care segment presents tremendous opportunities for suppliers, manufacturers and retailers in the industry. From all-star natural ingredients to the latest cosmetics legislation, we reveal 2012's insider beauty secrets..." (Read More)

OTC Product News
Dec 20, 2011
"Canfo EyeCare. Canfo Natural Products, featuring OTC products that are non-GMO (genetically modified organisms), organic, vegan, and gluten-free, has launched Canfo EyeCare..." (Read More)

Canfo Natural Products introduces FlushMe natural body cleanse
Dec 13, 2011
"Canfo Natural Products introduces FlushMe, a 100% natural body cleanse formulated from a proprietary blend of wild crafted herbs specifically designed to support healthy cleansing/detoxing in JUST 2 DAYS..." (Read More)

Stay Stacked: Eyes Versus Computers
Dec 7, 2011
"Canfo EyeCare. Canfo Natural Products, featuring OTC products that are non-GMO (genetically modified organisms), organic, vegan, and gluten-free, has launched Canfo EyeCare..." (Read More)

FlushMe Review
Dec 2011
"In an effort to curb my cookie cravings and get a little boost at my Barre3 Challenge halfway point, I tried out the CANFO Flush Me 2 Day Cleanse Supplements..." (Read More)

Update On Hubs Reoccuring Kidney Stone Problem
Nov 30, 2011
"Hubs has been taking the NoStone for 2 1/2 months now and is delighted with how he is feeling. Of course, we won't know if the NoStone got rid of the kidney stones until sometime in June of 2012. I will be happy if it just shrunk them some. He has been dealing with these stones for many years, probably close to 15 years, maybe more..." (Read More)

Hot Products
Nov 2011
"Canfo Natural Products introduces FlushMe®, a 100% natural body cleanse formulated from a proprietary blend of wild crafted Chinese herbs..." (Read More)

Canfo Natural Products - Booth#335
Nov 2011

"The SOHO EXPO continues to provide a perfect and cost-effective venue for manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers of natural foods, supplements and health-related products, publications and appliances to showcase products..." (Read More)

Taking NoStone Helps Hubs Sleep Better
Oct 31, 2011

"A coupld of days ago, my Hubs said he has been sleeping really well since he started taking the NoStone for his reoccuring kidney stones..." (Read More)

NoStone Must Be Working On My Hubs Kidney Stones
Oct 4, 2011

"My Hubs is doing so well taking the NoStone Herbs for his Kidney Stones, that I don't have to remind him. He usually complains if I ask him to take herbs .... I think they must be making him feel better or he would not touch them without me getting on him..." (Read More)

How I Am Healing The Cracks In My Tongue ~ I Was Trying To Make My Teeth Less Sensitive
Sep 26, 2011

"Sensitive teeth can be a real bummer. Lately, my teeth have been extra sensitive. Even drinking water at room temperature makes my teeth throb..." (Read More)

Finished FlushMe Cleanse And Starting NoStone For Reoccuring Kidney Stones
Sep 18, 2011

"My Hubs just finished the FlushMe Cleanse from Canfo. It is an herbal cleanse that helps filter and cleanse the liver, kidneys, colon, pancreas, spleen, blood and skin..." (Read More)

Enough is Enough!! Reoccuring Kidney Stones And What We Are Doing To Prevent Them
Sep 13, 2011

"I know this might not have anything to do with candida, but in a way it does. Lots of you with candida, also have kidney stones. Thank goodness, that is one thing I don't suffer with..." (Read More)
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