"As a radio talk show host, beauty blogger (who's a product junkie!), mom of 4 and person living a crazy-busy lifestyle, I am totally impressed with FlushMe. Cleanses are very 'in' but many ---ahem--- over-cleanse or don't really work. FlushMe has the best balance of necessary cleansing without being scary. Also, I'm taking BeautifyMe and my skin & hair already looks better. I love Canfo's products-- the blend of Eastern preventative herbal creations with Western research."
     - Jill Hickey, Host of BeautCamp radio show on NotSoSoccerMom Radio

"I was recently selected to sample my choice of any bottle of Canfo Natural Products, and I chose FlushMe. I have always had a bit of trouble regulating my system, so I thought that this herbal supplement would do the trick...and boy was I right! I liked that there were 2 different ways to use the product: a 2-day quick cleanse or daily use. I decided to use it daily and I began to notice a difference in my body, immediately. My regularity and energy increased and I can say that this product certainly met my expectations. I would recommend this product to my family and friends, and I know that they would love it as much as I do! I would also consider trying any of the other Canfo Natural Products for improved health and overall well-being."
     - Latrice Chance, December 2011 Giveaway Winner

"Your products are awesome!! I got the LungCare and FlushMe and both are awesome!! I would recommend the lung care to anyone that smokes or has recently quit. You won't believe the difference it makes!!"
     - Amanda Herren, December 2011 Giveaway Winner

"I used Canfo's LungCare and WOW, what a difference! After quitting smoking I knew my lungs needed a good cleaning and after so many years of inhaling chemicals I found it was hard for me to take a full breath. 30 days later I am able to feel I very real difference when breathing. It almost feels as if my lung capacity is greater as when I breathe deeply, it actually feels like I am breathing all the way in. It is kind of hard to explain LOL but if you were a smoker and then tried this, you'd know exactly what I was talking about. I am very happy with this product and will be back!"
     - Stephanie MacDonald, Florida

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